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Certified commercial cleaning professionals in Sydney, Australia.


Make the right first impression with comprehensive commercial cleaning on your Sydney premises

An unclean office, business or workplace damages your reputation, lowers staff morale and sends customers running for the exits!


How do you feel about eating at a nice restaurant that has greasy tables, dirty floors and filthy bathrooms?


If you’re like us, you run!


Many of your customers will run for the exits and won’t come back if your business or workplace is not clean and hygienic. Also, an unclean working environment lowers staff morale: A staggering 78% of office workers say the overall condition of their office building affects how they view their employer (YOU).


Phoenix Industrial professional commercial cleaning technicians will keep your business spotless and clean!

We are certified professionals in office, retail, hospitality and school cleaning services..


An unclean office, business or workplace damages your reputation, lowers staff morale and sends customers running for the exits. A neglected workplace won't reflect well on you or your business! With Phoenix Industrial office cleaning services in Sydney, you can make sure your office is pristine, polished and ready to receive clients.

Phoenix Industrial professional commercial & office cleaning technicians will keep your business spotless and clean!

Perhaps your current cleaners are slacking off. Sure they show up with some impressive cleaning gear, but are they doing the job that you pay them to do? Or, do you feel like your cleaning budget is going to waste?

Maybe you have assigned some of your employees to look after the place; perhaps you pay them a weekly bonus to keep the business clean and immaculate.

How is this arrangement working out for you?

Not so well?

Consider hiring Phoenix Industrial, your professional cleaning technicians with over 21 years of combined cleaning experience!

We will make your life easier by making your business clean and tidy. We offer the range of services you need to keep your premises in tip-top condition, including but not limited to strip and seal polishing services, light maintenance and sanitation.

As professional commercial cleaners in Sydney, we understand your challenges. Running a successful business, shop or restaurant can be a stressful job.

The last thing you need is losing customers over dirty floors, messy bathrooms and an unclean office building and surrounds!

If you find you have to police your cleaners to ensure they perform their duties, well, you really need to give us a call!

Since 1992, we have been cleaning national banks, boutique shops, city offices and elegant restaurants!

We are not your typical cleaners.

To make our work consistent we turn to independent external organisations who audit us on a regular basis. They make sure that we understand how to perform our commercial cleaning services in a safe manner and in strict adherence to Australian regulations.

We are regularly screened by external surveyors who keep us on our toes, so to speak!

We have over two decades of combined experience delivering commercial and industrial cleaning and sanitation solutions. We also provide clients with highly-skilled, experienced and certified cleaning technicians. This way, you can be sure that our people are right for security conscious cleaning work such as care facility, high end retail or school cleaning services.

Delivering skilled OH&S Certified cleaning personnel to Australian businesses and organisations

We don't employ people off the street! Our skilled cleaning technicians have all completed Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) certification and hygiene programs. They are recognised by the Australian government as qualified to perform work in a safe manner.

We execute thorough screening and background checks every time we hire new personnel for our cleaning positions. We don't take short cuts here because the right candidates with the right experience make our life easier, and they produce more consistent results for our clients. So, we only accept the very best to work in our team and on your premises.

We also perform classroom training and on-the-job training to ensure all our cleaning technicians are 'ready' and meet our stringent standards before taking over cleaning responsibilities in your business. Special training is required to deliver strip and seal polishing services. As required, our cleaning technicians undergo the following stages of training:

• Induction training
• Module and Specific Work Procedure (SWP) training
• Hands-on training inside plant

Phoenix Industrial – your complete cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solution for your office, shop or facilities!


Our professional commercial cleaning service is based on our core competency of cleaning and sanitation Australian food processing plants and facilities.


We are trusted by some of Australia's leading food processors and abattoirs to keep their equipment and facilities not only spic 'n span but also bacteria and pathogen free.


Not many cleaning companies possess this level of expertise, or even the professional equipment we use to perform this highly specialised, methodical and meticulous level of service.


We deliver a high level of commercial cleaning to Sydney plants and business premises. It is this level of service and experience that we bring to the table every time we clean your commercial facilities.


We also offer non-chemical and low-irritant pest control treatments. Rodents, cockroaches or maggots are not a nice sight, and can be harmful to your business – we will keep those nasty and unwanted pests away from your premises!


We run a transparent company. On your request, we can provide you with safety data sheets relating to any of the products we use and procedures we follow to deliver our services on your site. Also, our area supervisors perform regular checks and submit performance reports to your key decision makers to identify areas for improvement in efficiency and productivity, and the effectiveness of our cleaning procedures.


We leave nothing to chance! We are firm believers that quality and consistent results come from following strict and clear systems and procedures – what doesn't get measured doesn't get done.


We hold our commercial cleaning personnel and ourselves to a higher standard. By giving our people a clear set of instructions and procedures, we have been able to raise their level of performance and conscientiousness to above industry standard.


While our strict systems and procedures make our commercial cleaning work consistent, we also have qualified area supervisors running their rounds to ensure our cleaners are accountable and continue to perform to a high standard.


√ Accommodation: hotels, motels, travel lodges
√ Food Industry: restaurants, cafes, pubs, bakeries, import/export divisions and distribution, supermarkets
√ Entertainment: Leagues & RSL clubs, function centres, shopping centres, amusement parks, cinemas, theatres
√ Sporting Industry: gyms, indoor/outdoor centres, stadiums, sports clubs (golf, rowing and bowling clubs)
√ Manufacturing: all factories, from steel to plastic, timber and food
√ Storage Facilities: warehouses, car parks, garages
√ Educational Institutions: private/public schools, colleges, childcare, training centres
√ Health Care: medical centres, hospitals
√ Community: religious buildings and centres (including churches,
synagogues, mosques and temples), parks/reserves, nursing homes/retirement villages
√ Public Service: police stations, emergency centres, council works, government buildings
√ Real Estate: strata & property management work, construction and development sites
√ Other: banks, airports, transportation and office cleaning services


Our skilled technicians depend on a fleet of modern and regularly serviced tray-back vehicles, equipped with all the necessary tools and gear needed to provide quick and responsive cleaning services. We focus on being responsive!

By having all the right equipment, we are able to step in and perform our office cleaning duties and responsibilities in a thorough and professional manner, and with minimum hassle to your staff, clients or business operations.

Also, our skilled technicians are trained to arrive on time and provide prompt and courteous service every time, without exception. Once again, we follow systems and procedures to which every staff member is accountable to.


Call us today on 1300 559 151 to find out how we can tailor a cleaning and sanitation solution to suit the needs of your business, at a competitive rate. You can also contact us via the Contact Form.